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Provision with Stew Pork $40

Stew Oxtail $50

BBQ Wings Or Fried Wings $35

Cow Heel Soup $40

Pigtail Soup $40

Oxtail Soup $50

Cow Heel & Pigtail $50

Cow Heel & Oxtail $55

Cow Heel, Oxtail & Pigtail $60

(868) 305-6482


Best Ingredients

Aphis menu only use the finest ingredients for our soups, they are fresh that day and all sourced locally from premium meat suppliers. All vegetables are grown locally.


We are open for business each and every Friday and Saturday, ready for all orders small or large, if we say a time that your food will be ready, then it will be ready at that time!

Homemade With Love

We take great pride in the soup that we provide. All meat is fresh and well marinated as well as putting a lot of love into our food! You must try our soups and chicken wings!


Aphis menus is a family run business serving the finest Soup, Stew, Chicken Wings and other Trinidadian cuisine in San Fernando, Trinidad. We have many regular customers in Pleasantville, Marabella and surrounding areas putting in regular orders for our Cow Heel Soup, Oxtail Soup, Pigtail Soup, Stewed Pork and Provisions. We serve these tasty dishes every week on a Friday and Saturday. We are very passionate about our cooking and believe that this comes across in the food that we create for our customers. Please place you order today to avoid disappointment. We can cater for both small and large orders. To find out more about us you can find us on various places across the web like FourSquare , Lacartes , Express Business, Community Walk, Brownbook, Cybo , Tupalo , 2Find Local and Spoke We look forward to hearing from you soon. Aphia
Aphis Soup Menu
Agnes St Marabella, San Fernando Trinidad & Tobago
Orders by phone and online only

Happy clients

Ive been using Aphis Menu for a while now, the soup is so good i drive down from St Helena every two weeks to pick some up! The taste is out of this world
P Millin
St Helena
Aphia's soups are a thing of beauty as is she herself, a perfect combination for a successful business. Im not surprised Aphis menu is so popular
San Fernando
Ive been living in the area for a while now and the soup form here is the best around, its a Saturday lunchtime treat for me and my husband!

Order online below

Simply place your order below and one of our team will call you back straight away to confirm delivery/pick up time. Payment is cash upon hand over of your food.